Guangzhou of strange bar of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces time Yu Xing Huamu is sufficient

Village of condition of emperor of bead area Pearl River and star of white cloud area assemble Guangzhou city of great capacity the owner near future of Jin Sha village expects to reporter newspaper at the same time, the car that calls a village owner encounters centrally quite ” dark hammer becomes flat ” , among them condition of Pearl River emperor is in in the past in time of two many months, ten cars suffer disaster. Nowadays, two villages all are faced with same awkward, checked monitoring to also cannot find clue namely, have suspicion but sit hard solid, make a person rusty really. According to experience, monitoring reachs the designated position is the premise that searchs the truth, the village needs to take monitoring seriously to decorate, especially the monitoring in the parking lot. The tire that be plunged into pursues, suffer the person that visit to offer
Car of condition of Pearl River emperor advocate be plunged into again and again tyre
Statistic of owner Mr Zheng discovers, this kind of case had appeared a few years brokenly in the past, begin from May this year up to now, had discovered ten cars ” in action ” , be in even ten wheels embryo has appeared to suffer disaster in a week.
Owner people get together rise when discussing, discovering accident car is be nailed by steel perpendicular plunge into tire, more important is, nail is small screw almost, and it is new nail, did not rust, this must let them suspect is the person is caused for the reason, suspecting even is the garage place near the parking lot is.
The reporter visits discovery, the parking lot cent of condition of Pearl River emperor is an underground garage and parking lot of 3 open air, among them parking lot of an open air belongs to management of the hotel inside the village, additionally two by private contract, person of the car on the ground and Qq of sauna of golden dragon bay group a gross park pass 1000 cars. And, have by parking lot of every open air one builds car plant or wash car plant, 3 factories that build a car by same a boss is responsible. And by the car of tyre of steel hammer puncture, mostly park is in outdoor parking lot.
Besides the money that builds a car and time loss, owner worries about safe problem most. As we have learned, tyre is plunged into after nail, tyre atmospheric pressure calls the police to time inspects flat condition and be decided, won’t be plunged into commonly with respect to alarm. There is a female owner to leave in the car before this on after high speed, just discover the steel on tire is nailed, become flat on high speed finally drive a person of extraordinary powers collects meeting place, circumstance danger.
Parking lot
Is golden alluvion house filled with an international water is meeting lowest consumed civilian meet the dark car that urge press hard against each other again?
Not come singly but in pairs, a surname lady that lives in golden alluvion star to collect Jin Sha village (change a last name) also expect to reporter newspaper, technician of sauna of past month capital introduces two years, her love car by nail puncture tyre 3 Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou 326 technician photograph, happen this year recently in June, “Drive a vehicle is on the road, appearance dial hints suddenly tyre pressure is unusual. ” same inside the village, owner is in this year March, tyre by puncture 3.
The insecurity of owner is before having because of: The half an year after 2016, golden alluvion star collects Jin Sha first phase, 2 period, the tyre of owner of village of ground of love of 10 thousand divisions is plunged into one after another. At the beginning of 2017, have a car advocate statistic, 30 cars exceed inside two days of time advocate statistical tyre is plunged into. Also be 2017, dark hammer plunges into the limits of the car to expand ceaselessly, dalepin collects the bay of Yue of difficult job river around, constant is gallery of hotel of what Great Wall and garden gold name the village also appeared similar case. Some car are much embryo is plunged into at the same time even, perhaps be plunged into for many times inside half an year.
The case with condition of Pearl River emperor is similar, owner people discovering those who plunge into tire is screw mostly, and it is perpendicular plunge into tyre, at that time owner people had suspected parking lot and village periphery new-blown wash car inn and inn of vehicle maintenance and repair. An owner tells a reporter, she was moved into the village 2014, at first 9 years, the village did not appear this kind of circumstance, after 9 years, the village appeared inside one kilometer two repair a factory, at the same time the garage also had simple and easy repair a factory, the case that tyre is tied often appears subsequently. Already owner calls the police at that time, but this kind of suspicion fails to confirm.
Owner ever carried a president on the head to post of division of the Milky way 8 buildings sauna is normal property company report, the star collects manager of first phase property to say to already had checked monitoring and car field, say to did not discover doubtful personnel and circumstance.
Village parking lot will strengthen monitoring
According to publishing a report, come to countrywide much ground nearly one year appear tyre relatively the case that is tied centrally to nail, find through searching monitoring for the most part ” prime criminal ” .
“Touch a hammer ” after incident happens often, time Yu treasure island collects international water to collect a service how the owner of Mr Zheng Ceng Liantong of condition of Pearl River emperor, the property key that found outdoor parking lot takes monitoring. Discovered a lot of problem however, compare at subterranean parking lot, the monitoring of ground parking lot is little, and quality not beautiful, the picture is ambiguous, a lot of places appear even scotoma. Car advocate people only initiative and close attention jockeys the monitoring of recorder,
Controller of parking lot property tells a reporter, owner is received to inform against really before this, but he does not consider as what happen inside village parking lot. He says, happen again to prevent similar issue, parking lot property agrees to add of effect monitoring, “The parking lot has more than 11000 square metre, have 16 monitoring only, adding outfit monitoring is must, but because installation absorbs need resembling a head from subterranean wiring, finish by professional, still need time so. Still need time so..
At present owner people had not called the police, once recurrent, they call the police combination. Senior car advocate proposal, in process of drive a vehicle once discover car nausea presses caution, answer to be checked in time, repair as soon as possible, avoid to produce an accident.