Hydrotherapy of border of country consisting of one or more islands of river of meeting minister Sha meets water of vasting ooze of Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou Guangzhou a technician

22 days, the reporter learns from Guangzhou city public security bureau, 2019 first half of the year, guangzhou police spare no effort is built ” restful Guangzhou ” ” law Guangzhou ” new phase, deepen illegal crime continuously special blow acts, obtain a lot of bright looks to become accomplishment of photograph of technician of bay of Guangzhou new condition.
Since this year, guangzhou police with ” people most the illegal crime that abhor ” nod to be cut, will ” wisdom is new investigate ” apply blow adequately to believe full line of pool of abundant county day how in the center, begin blow with all one’s strength telegraphic network bilk, experience is numerous model the battle of special assault fortified positions such as economic crime, technician of pool of dragon of deep Guangzhou drive 2018 change punish to fizzle out bet the action, advance ” the whole people bans poisonous project ” , severe blow feeds medical ring to violate crime, perfect crime fortune investigates working mechanism, force of solid Guangzhou field is recreational center time hydrotherapy of Jingui bay of Yu Zhong Cun can show overall situation of whole town public security ” two fall two litres ” (alarm affection, case issues letter of Qi Fulu A to fall, number of record of red shop sign of sauna of pool of broken Guangzhou day and rate of crack a criminal case rise) favorable situation.
Among them, guangzhou city case kind alarm number of put on record of affection, criminal declines respectively compared to the same period 12.4% , 16.5% , rate of number of criminal crack a criminal case, crack a criminal case rises respectively compared to the same period 2.5% , 6.0% ; “Two grab ” hair case drops compared to the same period 67.8% , day all is sent case 1.5, achieve the history new low, “Two grab ” 0 hair are happy article collect hydrotherapy of border of country consisting of one or more islands of App Sha river meeting place case amounts to 37 days; All be worth into day of room pilfer burgalry than 2017, dropped respectively 2018 70% , 43.4% ; Detect telegraphic bilk case 1598, criminal detains telegraphic bilk suspect 2084 people, former path of fund of case of success conduction experience is returned return 337, return return fund 15.71 million yuan. Case
The cashier is cheated by false boss the 680 thousand center that turn over cheat is redeemed quickly 500 thousand
22 days 13 when 57 minutes, guangzhou city turns over cheat center to receive Li Mou of cashier of a firm to call the police, say somebody pretended to be its company boss through QQ that day, added the QQ of its work in the same placing, its work in the same placing pulls Li Mou a QQ again group. “Boss ” in QQ group in let Li Mou to ” client ” turn Zhang business section, li Mou not repass other way is checked, the bank of a construction that offers to the other side turns to fair Zhang date Zhang 680 thousand yuan, let Li Mou continue to turn when the other side when money, li Mou discovery is cheated, call the police immediately.
Suspicion Zhang bugle call is collected instantly after the center that turn over cheat receives a reply, the wash one’s hair between the cloud in beautiful Doumeng of silver of the urgent and harmonious construction that be stationed in a dot is enough how to inquire all right, stop payment 200 thousand yuan. When finding out the capital that be cheated to flow to, discover partial capital flows into the private Zhang date of an industrial and commercial bank. Exploit a victory of the center that turn over cheat is pursued and attack, harmonious be stationed in bit of industrial and commercial bank to inquire 300 thousand yuan to close hitch pays date of this suspicion Zhang remaining sum, succeed in all intercept is cheated 500 thousand yuan capital, redeem major loss for this enterprise. (Fu Yi)