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On July 24, the reporter admits by examination from Guangzhou city do know, filling collection of average high school recruits 6008 people in all. So far, guangzhou city average high school admitted working gold lotus to massage how satisfactory end 2019. Pu Ruyang of whole this year town collects Jin Cheng school of 2019 high school shares recruit students to plan 53717, up to filling collection the job ends, recruit 53236 people in all, the plan ratio that finish is 99.1% , plan the rate that finish to promote further, achieve in recent years new tall. Among them fair do recruit students of average high school to plan 48653, recruit 48398 people, the plan ratio that finish is 99.5% ; Recruit students of average high school plans run by the local people 5064, recruit 4838 people, the plan ratio that finish is 95.5% . City admits by examination do express, this year is Guangzhou reform is taken an examination of to transfer in carrying out period the first year of policy, whole admit the job solid advance own recruit students, ” index arrives school ” with the reform such as enter a higher school of the children that follow move measure fulfils be born. Achievement is taken an examination of to obtain large area bumper harvest in, quality of source of student promotes in the round. Common tall the Communist Party of China admits demonstrative sex 39484 people, natural resources of high grade education shares range more extensive.
Filling collection: The plan rate that finish is higher than last year 3.15%
Filling collection plans the rate that finish for 93.6% , relatively increased 3.15 percent last year. Degree got making full use of, satisfied more examinee to join the expectation that reads average high school. Section Mansidu international hydrotherapy is amused effect of protection of the control line that deliver file is apparent, the high component that joins filling collection, second great majority of high component examinee is admitted, quality of filling collection source of student is overall the level rises further.
From the point of line of filling collection mark, guangdong experiment middle school is top, admit cent of strategy of center of rich of lowermost Guangzhou water to amount to 727 minutes; Hua Na Normal University is accessary middle school city of 705 cent, Guangzhou earths up school of foreign language of 705 cent, Guangzhou flower middle school 704 minutes.
Enrol oneself: Line of short of mark ” entrance ticket ” also change ” invalidated ticket “
This year 22 average high school first try out is own recruit students, the rate that finish has 13 for the school of 100% . Sign up the examinee of own recruit students shares 11388 people, the school with maximum number signing up is 2 in, amount to 2348 people. According to casting archives regulation and school general rules of own recruit students asks, recruit 1161 people formally, the plan ratio that finish is amounted to 91% . Those who need an attention is, the city before this admits by examination of office cloth admit examinee to be 1198 beforehand, but admit formally have 1161 people only, that is to say, 37 people passed high school to learn full line of Li Chuanlong town to have the sort of service the assessment of school, was not admitted finally however. Did not announce because of the school formerly among them, but analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the likelihood is the student did not reach the school beforehand the own recruit students of set is admitted most line of small fraction of full line of pool of day of garden of laurel of green jade of lake of overgrown with weeds. This year, the lowermost cent setting of own recruit students is in major school to approve lowermost control line ahead of schedule (616 minutes) ; And the school of partial tall gradient, setting of fractional control line is in lowest to be approved ahead of schedule preferential the line that deliver file (686 minutes) .
This shows, even if acquired the school of own recruit students ” entrance ticket ” , when be being taken an examination of in examinee, also want hammer and tongs, once lax or play is bad, likely still ” entrance ticket ” change ” invalidated ticket ” . Ear Xin Yue looks
Index arrives school: Admit number promotion to come 13385 people
Fair do city to show plasticity average high school is brought into first ” index arrives school ” limits, index allocation scale from 30% rise 50% , increase the immediate target that faces a group to allocate, index plans to admit a number to promote considerably to 13385 people, relatively added 6896 people last year, advance a foundation to teach high grade and balanced evolution deep.
Be worth what carry is, in the examinee that index plans to admit, of 5011 people admit a mark to admit lowest to separate average branch under before recruit students school 3 years, occupy it is than making an appointment with 37% . “Index arrives school ” enlarge natural resources of high grade education further cover a range, the student that allows circumjacent the city zone and a rural area is enjoyed ” look so that see, feeling ” into the opportunity that reads high grade high school.
In duty: Undertook admitting on July 27
Will have medium profession on July 27 kind the school is admitted. Education of Guangzhou city profession is resourceful, those who have a batch of managerial quality and fine of all of obtain employment foreground is medium high post school. As hydrotherapy of day of gold of Zhongshan of enlarge of high post school normal enrol bonus of 1 million policy to release, in pilot dimensions enlarges high post be well versed in continuously and quality of medium profession education promotes ceaselessly, in way of duty graduate enter a higher school is wider and wider, development space is larger and larger.