Hai Zhizhou of Guangzhou of price of big public house of president of Guangzhou hillock top comes honour international hotel

The citizen that many use railroad 12306APP have buying a ticket had recently ” choose difficult disease ” , because be returned before having the operation that buy a ticket,do a ” the choice is inscribed ” — whether be the same as intent 12306 offer include ” fixed position information ” , ” use camera ” , ” album ” drive pool sauna and ” push send attributive ” 4. Agree or do not agree, this is a problem it seems that. In the passenger chose a page ” different idea ” , experience page shines retreat, cannot undertake buying a ticket. Classics reporter is checked solid, it is the passenger was read by accident to the page so. Doubt
Buy a ticket to see my album even? Does if agreeing, the page shine retreat?
“Are services of 12306 the Hai Zhizhou that be what 2 should get these data? Buy a ticket to see me even album, use me camera, accept your information to push send? Does different idea shine retreat? ” netizen ” of Aimumu microcosmic ” doubt.
For one dug unexpectedly, reporter immediately orders the 12306 clients end on the mobile phone, what enter reporter line of vision above all is a such pages: If want to use 12306 undertake buying a ticket, the user needs possibly to 12306 offer include ” fixed position information ” , ” use camera ” , ” album ” and ” push send attributive ” 4 parts inside individual information.
The reporter notices, interfacial lower part has appear thick substance black word marks ” if you do not use these functions, need not open above attributive, not what open attributive won’t affect you is normal buy a ticket. Railroad branch will protect your individual information security lawfully. ” although the user does not agree,this is meant it seems that 12306 get afore-mentioned individual information, still can buy a ticket normally. Consider privacy is protected, reporter immediately is clicked ” different idea ” , but this interface shines instantly retreat, reporter ” be exited ” software is used.
Dispel misgivings
You choose to agree or do not agree to concern please whether to read privacy policy
Click ” different idea ” shine with respect to the page retreat, whether compulsive user chooses ” agree ” disrelish? Choice ” agree ” whether can ensure user privacy safety, why cannot let use pool of Guangzhou president drive like numerous software again is the individual information that 135 technician door choose software to you can be gotten independently phyletic? The reporter is taking a variety of doubt and culture of Guangzhou railroad company to be in relevant controller to undertake contacting.
This controller expresses to the reporter, appear in the page ” agree ” be not point to whether to agree 12306 get user individual information, show the user agrees to read privacy policy with different idea however, namely interface most of lower part ” please you are using railroad 12306 before read carefully and agree: ” policy of 12306 privacy right ” ” . The page basically is to inform an user why to want to get relevant individual information, if the user does not hope 12306 get individual information, attributive can be shut in follow-up attributive setting.
The reporter has a test again subsequently, choosing ” agree ” hind, appear ” railroad Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou how does the inlet austral sea Pearl River lie fallow 12306 attributive run meeting place ” page, the page shows share 4, the user can undertake according to individual be fond of attributive project chooses
The reporter all chooses hydrotherapy of Guangzhou day pool to 4 afore-mentioned attributive can be experienced ” refuse ” , still can on the rails buys a ticket. If user concern offers individual information to be able to bring about privacy,divulge that is to say, the choice when needing to have attributive government in sequel only ” refuse ” Guangzhou is happy article collecting is dry Jin Cheng is recreational meeting place can.
In addition, village of the member that in the near future 40 APP are believed to do the Milky way by central net luxuriants growth sufficient lane, industry and informatization ministry, the Ministry of Public Security, market superintends total bureau invite applications for a job of hydrotherapy of field of 4 branches horse ” call-over ” on black a list of names posted up, the reporter inquires discovery, “Railroad 12306 ” APP is not in row, so groups small people be at ease please use.