The basis exceeds plan of construction of beautiful area catchment, more beautiful area will be in to earthing up the right way, Zhongshan horizontal driveway of 2 road, construction undertakes surrounding my construction, to cooperate to jump over beautiful Ou Peizheng road catchment surrounds my construction, classics research, the decision adjusts a 悦海洲国际水会扫黄镇江悦海龙庭技师龙归到悦海洲国际水会bus to earth up the right way temporarily station, east mountain pass stands (two-w总统大酒店御池彭广州总统御池135号技师ay) ,广州新市按摩广州新市桑拿全套 station of construction horizontal driveway and relevant circuitry, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, d天河桑拿水疗会所广州天江南水湾哪个技师好江南水湾有什么服务河桑拿服务好uring surrounding my construction, adjust a bus temporarily 811, 813 circuitous a primary line operation is received after amounting to Pu Lu of road, beautiful Hua Beilu, new river, temp新景湾休闲会所红牌广州海珠区最爽的桑拿orarily cancel bus 811, 813 berth bus earths up station o昊银水汇技师全套番禺晶都水汇服务项目f the right way.

2, cancel a bus temporarily 16, 102, 107, 108, 112, 192, 221, 222, 223, 299, 517, 542, night 9, night 27, night 36, night 39, nigh客村附近正规按摩客村那家休闲会所好玩t 40, night 78 berth bus east mountain pass stands (westing) . Bus east date of广州东晓南淼沁水会 ① of mountain pass station assigns a station (east row) when Xiang Xilin of station shop sign migratory 10 meters.

3, adjust a bus temporarily 483 circuitous north rela唐山金芙蓉会所金芙蓉养生会所嘉禾店tively a primary line operation is received after field road, annulus city dis广州桑拿休闲会所论坛君港休闲会所联系方式trict, cancel a bus temporarily north of 483 be广州海之洲全套价格海之洲休闲阿信国际会所什么服务广州阿信国际会所收费会所价格表rth bus relati竹怡堂休闲会红牌广州竹怡堂技师推荐vely field district station, north relatively station of h广州马场水疗 攻略番禺南村按摩桑拿全套orizonta广州金芙蓉沐足怎么样l driveway of station of station of field horizontal district, construction big driveway, construction, construction 6 driveways stand.

4, afore-mentioned the first adjusts from December 13, 2019 10: 00 when case carry out, the 2nd, 3 are adjusted from December 21, 2019 head carry out since regular bus. After construction ends, proper mo广州石井桑拿会所全套白云区金芙蓉tion of public transportat广州宏涛宫扫黄宏涛宫 全套ion company resumes primary line op广州阿信国际会所齐富路水次方红牌技师eration.