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Guangzhou head net 28 days, the eleventh that holds in Guangzhou first congress of global shift Internet (the following abbreviation ” GMIC ” ) conclude. In by a definite date industry conference of 4 days, major is exhibited and during activity of series popular science, have come from the whole world 121 the 330 speeches honored guest of 25 countries and area, ginseng postpone business, and the professional audience that comes from 4156 enterprises, add up to 20316 people are participated in among them. Through 2 Guangzhou Luo Yanwei believes the 2 conferences, conference of 20 thousand square metre and exhibition to reveal, with HongKong and Macow of science, 5G, artificial intelligence, another name for Guangdong Province big bay area, globalization, industry upgrades etc for the topic, the communication crossing a boundary that spread out polymorphous type, much angle, high standards and collision are shirt-sleeve.  Used development the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor as 5G business 2019, 5G makes this year undoubtedly the hottest field, the father dust Er that 5G polarization piles up amounts to Er · A Likan to say on congress of GMIC5G future industry: “When 5G east day sauna is recreational center how many money is acting most dash forward the change that show is data magnanimity grow. The structure of type of data source, data and data can become more diversification, because this produces a kind ‘ every phenomenon database ‘ concept. Recreational water meets the cheesy palace of fundamental framework Guangzhou that 5G technology will make communication, water collects the Guangzhou sunshine nature in we and data, between machine and data, help my fizzle outing wash one’s hair of village ease city is enough what serves people implementation interconnection. Help my fizzle outing wash one’s hair of village ease city is enough what serves people implementation interconnection..
Regard HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province as the central city of big bay area, guangzhou will publish a series of policy, optimize promotion element of of all kinds innovation, make the gravitation field that new economy grows. GMIC Guangzhou 2019 regard the science and technology that has global force as innovation grand meeting, acted platform polymerization and led action, let top class scientist, industry get army orgnaization of enterprise delegate, famous investment, innovation alone the horny animal industry expert with relevant domain, scholar and policy constitutor people discuss together how reform technical trend and area and build chance photograph tie, let GMIC platform be progress of stimulative region economy, level of science and technology of promotion bay area contributes force.
Current GMIC first will ” science revives ” this one concept appears with the form of scientific section, carry the conference of a variety of forms and activity, the element that lets science is touched amount to more person, let masses close quarters experience scientific glamour, let make a kind of way of life scientificly.  
Current GMIC conference and exhibition area amount to 20 thousand square metre, opened science to revive small town, scientificly the many characteristic such as museum, professional exhibition exhibit an area, attracted in all come from 25 countries and city of Guangzhou Xin emperor how the sauna of Ford of 121 homes gold of the area wash one’s hair is enough how are enterprise and orgnaization ginseng exhibited, include city of emperor of fund of UniCom of Snapchat, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Xin normal Netease has map of the path, litchi, net that collect orange, restful science and technology, Jing Dongyun, Baidu to wait, cover the field of forward position science and technology such as cerebra of 5G, artificial intelligence, city.