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On July 27, guangzhou city town manages and execute the law integratedly Tao Zhenan of secretary of bureau leading Party group, director goes to rubbish of transcribe of stage of Guangzhou broadcasting television to classify propagandist program. When accepting media to interview, tao Zhenan introduced delegacy of Guangzhou city party card to go to Shanghai to inspect the condition that rubbish classifies, introduced Guangzhou driving water of La Guangzhou vasting ooze to collect address the Hakkas next the working arrangement that guild hall of Wang Xiu idle takes Ji to classify a respect especially. It is reported, guangzhou general drive rubbish in order to publish the form of congress of the directive opinion, member that make action plan, move to classify the job continuously in the near future. City of ease of yellow to Guangzhou village is recreational have a service the rubbish classification that the near future strengthens somewhat executes the law, tao Zhenan expresses, execute the law the object still is given priority to with airplane round unit, won’t leave in the light of the individual painstakingly punish.
Delegacy of Guangzhou party card goes to Shanghai to inspect rubbish classification
Shanghai classifies the climax that the respect lifts in rubbish, cause earlier solid the Guangzhou attention that holds rubbish classification. Came 14 days on July 12, delegacy of Guangzhou city party card goes to Shanghai and Zhejiang study to make an on-the-spot investigation, shanghai rubbish classification is one of content that go making an on-the-spot investigation before Guangzhou respect.
“On rubbish classification, guangzhou and Shanghai have a characteristic each. ” Introduction Tao Zhenan that participates in Shanghai rubbish classification to make an on-the-spot investigation, the conduct propaganda that Shanghai classifies in rubbish is started it is good to go up to collect the current situation to want Spa of pool of riverside river day than water of concept of banquet of Guangzhou Guangzhou the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. Although Shanghai is not the city that has local legislation with respect to rubbish classification above all in the whole nation, but Shanghai is mixed in legislation in executive process, consulted adequately include Guangzhou inside country is other solid already the experience that holds rubbish to classify a city is absorbed draw lessons from. Through making an on-the-spot investigation, shanghai is united in wedlock according to reality in executive rubbish classification those who go breaking code of solution difficult problem, place is executable degree, the respect such as the government that involves responsibility person, deserve Guangzhou study.
“The experience of Shanghai, new to Guangzhou classification of round of rubbish promotes the work, it is better to have draw lessons from. ” Tao Zhenan expresses, in the light of Guangzhou existing law laws and regulations and fact hold the inadequacy that go up, guangzhou will publish rubbish to classify labour coach opinion in the near future, fill strong rubbish classification is bit more insufficient; Can make rubbish classify 3 years action plan, 3 years to future Guangzhou rubbish classifies working set target and be over hard Guangzhou comes honour international can be become; To let rubbish classification is participated in in Guangzhou the whole people, guangzhou still will hold rubbish classification to arouse congress.
Rubbish classification executes the law sea wall is recreational the guild hall closed down do not leave in the light of the individual painstakingly punish
Guangzhou already announced on July 10 from this year the 3rd quarter rises to advance life rubbish to classify Tian Li in the round recreational center 398 formulas work, as rubbish classification course controlling use is announced, the job such as classified container configuration plans to be carried out in succession, in the bookshops returns those who observe Guangzhou rubbish is classified to execute the law already hasten is severe.
It is reported, rose early on June 14, canal of one class city meets Guangzhou city with once a week canal of city of each district of formal organization whole town executes the law the branch undertakes rubbish classification executes the law one round examination, whole town each district and street city canal execute the law branch more can nonsked normal undertakes executing the law checking. In execute the law below the condition that frequency adds, the case that is punished comes out again and again: On July 23, guangzhou rubbish classifies whole town to execute the law in the action one day opens a 5 spots punishment; In July, “The village did not do good rubbish to classify content canal to be punished 10 thousand yuan ” , ” box of peel of citizen roadside classification is mixed cast rubbish to be punished 200 yuan ” wait for rubbish classification to execute the law news, let many citizens feel already ” rubbish classification comes to Guangzhou ” , also worry about citizen individual to be able to become convention to punish an object.
“Did not punish a mechanism, whole rubbish classifies the job to be able to have the drawback on the system. ” replying ” rubbish classification common sense has not gain ground in the citizen appropriate punish ” when the problem, tao Zhenan expresses, city canal executes the law the branch still can begin rubbish classification to execute the law by existing job mechanism the examination works, state existing rubbish classification executes the law still with airplane round unit time city of emperor of Yu big Shi Xin a few technician are beautiful to basically execute the law object, won’t label citizen individual painstakingly execute the law object. According to spot city town the canal classifies business to manage the data that room controller leaks, guangzhou from 2018 legislation of rubbish classification place begins to carry out up to now, whole town administration punishs an amount 218, be involved by condemnatory case for the most part airplane round unit, citizen individual is punished case amount ” ignor almost ” .