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Quick way yellow village establishs Guangzhou wide garden hand in from last year to will appear on November 26 danger affection and right south bridge approach undertakes surrounding my hind, up to now south bridge approach part did not restore traffic. Reporter of ovine wall evening paper learned on July 27, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden hand in will accept big in repair only water of Na Siguo border collects price-list to arrange. On July 27 midday, reporter in wide garden quick way Huang Cun stands hand in see, should stand hand in south bridge approach part is in surround my condition, in establish the island that make ring to enter south the position of bridge approach, relevant section installs caution shop sign, the Long Wan that extract gold is recreational show south bridge approach two-way traffic closes. Through surround bridge approach of my Xiang Na to look, because surround my time,the reporter sees road surface longer, already weed grows.
What does maritime palace have to serve public natural resources to trade according to Guangzhou Guangzhou the net gave out on July 27 ” wide garden is fast Huang Cun crossroads is big in long engineering construction always contracts announcement of invite public bidding ” (the following abbreviation ” announcement ” ) , wide garden is fast grade of crossroads bridge technology is Huang Cun D class, the main component part getting power such as bridge face plate appears Bai Yun district of damaged Guangzhou city is happy article collect disease.
Because involve construction of railroad of over or across, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden those who hand in is big in arrangement of long early days is longer. The reporter returns discovery in announcement, the invite public bidding in announcement controls 53120519.96 yuan in, experience railway expenses reachs cities of 2 Hangzhou conclude ease 018 gather together continent the experience reports yuan, become build except the project how to expend besides this project the 2nd occupy compared hillock to carry investment of presidential drive pool on the head greatly.
According to reply requirement, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden luxury is collected hand in big in long project, predict to will complete construction in December 2020.