Hai Zhizhou of Guangzhou of price of big public house of president of Guangzhou hillock top comes honour international hotel

The citizen that many use railroad 12306APP have buying a ticket had recently ” choose difficult disease ” , because be returned before having the operation that buy a ticket,do a ” the choice is inscribed ” — whether be the same as intent 12306 offer include ” fixed position information ” , ” use camera ” , ” album ” drive pool sauna and ” push send attributive ” 4. Agree or do not agree, this is a problem it seems that. In the passenger chose a page ” different idea ” , experience page shines retreat, cannot undertake buying a ticket. Classics reporter is checked solid, it is the passenger was read by accident to the page so. Doubt
Buy a ticket to see my album even? Does if agreeing, the page shine retreat?
“Are services of 12306 the Hai Zhizhou that be what 2 should get these data? Buy a ticket to see me even album, use me camera, accept your information to push send? Does different idea shine retreat? ” netizen ” of Aimumu microcosmic ” doubt.
For one dug unexpectedly, reporter immediately orders the 12306 clients end on the mobile phone, what enter reporter line of vision above all is a such pages: If want to use 12306 undertake buying a ticket, the user needs possibly to 12306 offer include ” fixed position information ” , ” use camera ” , ” album ” and ” push send attributive ” 4 parts inside individual information.
The reporter notices, interfacial lower part has appear thick substance black word marks ” if you do not use these functions, need not open above attributive, not what open attributive won’t affect you is normal buy a ticket. Railroad branch will protect your individual information security lawfully. ” although the user does not agree,this is meant it seems that 12306 get afore-mentioned individual information, still can buy a ticket normally. Consider privacy is protected, reporter immediately is clicked ” different idea ” , but this interface shines instantly retreat, reporter ” be exited ” software is used.
Dispel misgivings
You choose to agree or do not agree to concern please whether to read privacy policy
Click ” different idea ” shine with respect to the page retreat, whether compulsive user chooses ” agree ” disrelish? Choice ” agree ” whether can ensure user privacy safety, why cannot let use pool of Guangzhou president drive like numerous software again is the individual information that 135 technician door choose software to you can be gotten independently phyletic? The reporter is taking a variety of doubt and culture of Guangzhou railroad company to be in relevant controller to undertake contacting.
This controller expresses to the reporter, appear in the page ” agree ” be not point to whether to agree 12306 get user individual information, show the user agrees to read privacy policy with different idea however, namely interface most of lower part ” please you are using railroad 12306 before read carefully and agree: ” policy of 12306 privacy right ” ” . The page basically is to inform an user why to want to get relevant individual information, if the user does not hope 12306 get individual information, attributive can be shut in follow-up attributive setting.
The reporter has a test again subsequently, choosing ” agree ” hind, appear ” railroad Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou how does the inlet austral sea Pearl River lie fallow 12306 attributive run meeting place ” page, the page shows share 4, the user can undertake according to individual be fond of attributive project chooses
The reporter all chooses hydrotherapy of Guangzhou day pool to 4 afore-mentioned attributive can be experienced ” refuse ” , still can on the rails buys a ticket. If user concern offers individual information to be able to bring about privacy,divulge that is to say, the choice when needing to have attributive government in sequel only ” refuse ” Guangzhou is happy article collecting is dry Jin Cheng is recreational meeting place can.
In addition, village of the member that in the near future 40 APP are believed to do the Milky way by central net luxuriants growth sufficient lane, industry and informatization ministry, the Ministry of Public Security, market superintends total bureau invite applications for a job of hydrotherapy of field of 4 branches horse ” call-over ” on black a list of names posted up, the reporter inquires discovery, “Railroad 12306 ” APP is not in row, so groups small people be at ease please use.

Sanded face jade is collected international hydrotherapy is met Yoyo Long Ge closes down

On July 24, the reporter admits by examination from Guangzhou city do know, filling collection of average high school recruits 6008 people in all. So far, guangzhou city average high school admitted working gold lotus to massage how satisfactory end 2019. Pu Ruyang of whole this year town collects Jin Cheng school of 2019 high school shares recruit students to plan 53717, up to filling collection the job ends, recruit 53236 people in all, the plan ratio that finish is 99.1% , plan the rate that finish to promote further, achieve in recent years new tall. Among them fair do recruit students of average high school to plan 48653, recruit 48398 people, the plan ratio that finish is 99.5% ; Recruit students of average high school plans run by the local people 5064, recruit 4838 people, the plan ratio that finish is 95.5% . City admits by examination do express, this year is Guangzhou reform is taken an examination of to transfer in carrying out period the first year of policy, whole admit the job solid advance own recruit students, ” index arrives school ” with the reform such as enter a higher school of the children that follow move measure fulfils be born. Achievement is taken an examination of to obtain large area bumper harvest in, quality of source of student promotes in the round. Common tall the Communist Party of China admits demonstrative sex 39484 people, natural resources of high grade education shares range more extensive.
Filling collection: The plan rate that finish is higher than last year 3.15%
Filling collection plans the rate that finish for 93.6% , relatively increased 3.15 percent last year. Degree got making full use of, satisfied more examinee to join the expectation that reads average high school. Section Mansidu international hydrotherapy is amused effect of protection of the control line that deliver file is apparent, the high component that joins filling collection, second great majority of high component examinee is admitted, quality of filling collection source of student is overall the level rises further.
From the point of line of filling collection mark, guangdong experiment middle school is top, admit cent of strategy of center of rich of lowermost Guangzhou water to amount to 727 minutes; Hua Na Normal University is accessary middle school city of 705 cent, Guangzhou earths up school of foreign language of 705 cent, Guangzhou flower middle school 704 minutes.
Enrol oneself: Line of short of mark ” entrance ticket ” also change ” invalidated ticket “
This year 22 average high school first try out is own recruit students, the rate that finish has 13 for the school of 100% . Sign up the examinee of own recruit students shares 11388 people, the school with maximum number signing up is 2 in, amount to 2348 people. According to casting archives regulation and school general rules of own recruit students asks, recruit 1161 people formally, the plan ratio that finish is amounted to 91% . Those who need an attention is, the city before this admits by examination of office cloth admit examinee to be 1198 beforehand, but admit formally have 1161 people only, that is to say, 37 people passed high school to learn full line of Li Chuanlong town to have the sort of service the assessment of school, was not admitted finally however. Did not announce because of the school formerly among them, but analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the likelihood is the student did not reach the school beforehand the own recruit students of set is admitted most line of small fraction of full line of pool of day of garden of laurel of green jade of lake of overgrown with weeds. This year, the lowermost cent setting of own recruit students is in major school to approve lowermost control line ahead of schedule (616 minutes) ; And the school of partial tall gradient, setting of fractional control line is in lowest to be approved ahead of schedule preferential the line that deliver file (686 minutes) .
This shows, even if acquired the school of own recruit students ” entrance ticket ” , when be being taken an examination of in examinee, also want hammer and tongs, once lax or play is bad, likely still ” entrance ticket ” change ” invalidated ticket ” . Ear Xin Yue looks
Index arrives school: Admit number promotion to come 13385 people
Fair do city to show plasticity average high school is brought into first ” index arrives school ” limits, index allocation scale from 30% rise 50% , increase the immediate target that faces a group to allocate, index plans to admit a number to promote considerably to 13385 people, relatively added 6896 people last year, advance a foundation to teach high grade and balanced evolution deep.
Be worth what carry is, in the examinee that index plans to admit, of 5011 people admit a mark to admit lowest to separate average branch under before recruit students school 3 years, occupy it is than making an appointment with 37% . “Index arrives school ” enlarge natural resources of high grade education further cover a range, the student that allows circumjacent the city zone and a rural area is enjoyed ” look so that see, feeling ” into the opportunity that reads high grade high school.
In duty: Undertook admitting on July 27
Will have medium profession on July 27 kind the school is admitted. Education of Guangzhou city profession is resourceful, those who have a batch of managerial quality and fine of all of obtain employment foreground is medium high post school. As hydrotherapy of day of gold of Zhongshan of enlarge of high post school normal enrol bonus of 1 million policy to release, in pilot dimensions enlarges high post be well versed in continuously and quality of medium profession education promotes ceaselessly, in way of duty graduate enter a higher school is wider and wider, development space is larger and larger.

Hydrotherapy of border of country consisting of one or more islands of river of meeting minister Sha meets water of vasting ooze of Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou Guangzhou a technician

22 days, the reporter learns from Guangzhou city public security bureau, 2019 first half of the year, guangzhou police spare no effort is built ” restful Guangzhou ” ” law Guangzhou ” new phase, deepen illegal crime continuously special blow acts, obtain a lot of bright looks to become accomplishment of photograph of technician of bay of Guangzhou new condition.
Since this year, guangzhou police with ” people most the illegal crime that abhor ” nod to be cut, will ” wisdom is new investigate ” apply blow adequately to believe full line of pool of abundant county day how in the center, begin blow with all one’s strength telegraphic network bilk, experience is numerous model the battle of special assault fortified positions such as economic crime, technician of pool of dragon of deep Guangzhou drive 2018 change punish to fizzle out bet the action, advance ” the whole people bans poisonous project ” , severe blow feeds medical ring to violate crime, perfect crime fortune investigates working mechanism, force of solid Guangzhou field is recreational center time hydrotherapy of Jingui bay of Yu Zhong Cun can show overall situation of whole town public security ” two fall two litres ” (alarm affection, case issues letter of Qi Fulu A to fall, number of record of red shop sign of sauna of pool of broken Guangzhou day and rate of crack a criminal case rise) favorable situation.
Among them, guangzhou city case kind alarm number of put on record of affection, criminal declines respectively compared to the same period 12.4% , 16.5% , rate of number of criminal crack a criminal case, crack a criminal case rises respectively compared to the same period 2.5% , 6.0% ; “Two grab ” hair case drops compared to the same period 67.8% , day all is sent case 1.5, achieve the history new low, “Two grab ” 0 hair are happy article collect hydrotherapy of border of country consisting of one or more islands of App Sha river meeting place case amounts to 37 days; All be worth into day of room pilfer burgalry than 2017, dropped respectively 2018 70% , 43.4% ; Detect telegraphic bilk case 1598, criminal detains telegraphic bilk suspect 2084 people, former path of fund of case of success conduction experience is returned return 337, return return fund 15.71 million yuan. Case
The cashier is cheated by false boss the 680 thousand center that turn over cheat is redeemed quickly 500 thousand
22 days 13 when 57 minutes, guangzhou city turns over cheat center to receive Li Mou of cashier of a firm to call the police, say somebody pretended to be its company boss through QQ that day, added the QQ of its work in the same placing, its work in the same placing pulls Li Mou a QQ again group. “Boss ” in QQ group in let Li Mou to ” client ” turn Zhang business section, li Mou not repass other way is checked, the bank of a construction that offers to the other side turns to fair Zhang date Zhang 680 thousand yuan, let Li Mou continue to turn when the other side when money, li Mou discovery is cheated, call the police immediately.
Suspicion Zhang bugle call is collected instantly after the center that turn over cheat receives a reply, the wash one’s hair between the cloud in beautiful Doumeng of silver of the urgent and harmonious construction that be stationed in a dot is enough how to inquire all right, stop payment 200 thousand yuan. When finding out the capital that be cheated to flow to, discover partial capital flows into the private Zhang date of an industrial and commercial bank. Exploit a victory of the center that turn over cheat is pursued and attack, harmonious be stationed in bit of industrial and commercial bank to inquire 300 thousand yuan to close hitch pays date of this suspicion Zhang remaining sum, succeed in all intercept is cheated 500 thousand yuan capital, redeem major loss for this enterprise. (Fu Yi)

Guangzhou of strange bar of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces time Yu Xing Huamu is sufficient

Village of condition of emperor of bead area Pearl River and star of white cloud area assemble Guangzhou city of great capacity the owner near future of Jin Sha village expects to reporter newspaper at the same time, the car that calls a village owner encounters centrally quite ” dark hammer becomes flat ” , among them condition of Pearl River emperor is in in the past in time of two many months, ten cars suffer disaster. Nowadays, two villages all are faced with same awkward, checked monitoring to also cannot find clue namely, have suspicion but sit hard solid, make a person rusty really. According to experience, monitoring reachs the designated position is the premise that searchs the truth, the village needs to take monitoring seriously to decorate, especially the monitoring in the parking lot. The tire that be plunged into pursues, suffer the person that visit to offer
Car of condition of Pearl River emperor advocate be plunged into again and again tyre
Statistic of owner Mr Zheng discovers, this kind of case had appeared a few years brokenly in the past, begin from May this year up to now, had discovered ten cars ” in action ” , be in even ten wheels embryo has appeared to suffer disaster in a week.
Owner people get together rise when discussing, discovering accident car is be nailed by steel perpendicular plunge into tire, more important is, nail is small screw almost, and it is new nail, did not rust, this must let them suspect is the person is caused for the reason, suspecting even is the garage place near the parking lot is.
The reporter visits discovery, the parking lot cent of condition of Pearl River emperor is an underground garage and parking lot of 3 open air, among them parking lot of an open air belongs to management of the hotel inside the village, additionally two by private contract, person of the car on the ground and Qq of sauna of golden dragon bay group a gross park pass 1000 cars. And, have by parking lot of every open air one builds car plant or wash car plant, 3 factories that build a car by same a boss is responsible. And by the car of tyre of steel hammer puncture, mostly park is in outdoor parking lot.
Besides the money that builds a car and time loss, owner worries about safe problem most. As we have learned, tyre is plunged into after nail, tyre atmospheric pressure calls the police to time inspects flat condition and be decided, won’t be plunged into commonly with respect to alarm. There is a female owner to leave in the car before this on after high speed, just discover the steel on tire is nailed, become flat on high speed finally drive a person of extraordinary powers collects meeting place, circumstance danger.
Parking lot
Is golden alluvion house filled with an international water is meeting lowest consumed civilian meet the dark car that urge press hard against each other again?
Not come singly but in pairs, a surname lady that lives in golden alluvion star to collect Jin Sha village (change a last name) also expect to reporter newspaper, technician of sauna of past month capital introduces two years, her love car by nail puncture tyre 3 Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou 326 technician photograph, happen this year recently in June, “Drive a vehicle is on the road, appearance dial hints suddenly tyre pressure is unusual. ” same inside the village, owner is in this year March, tyre by puncture 3.
The insecurity of owner is before having because of: The half an year after 2016, golden alluvion star collects Jin Sha first phase, 2 period, the tyre of owner of village of ground of love of 10 thousand divisions is plunged into one after another. At the beginning of 2017, have a car advocate statistic, 30 cars exceed inside two days of time advocate statistical tyre is plunged into. Also be 2017, dark hammer plunges into the limits of the car to expand ceaselessly, dalepin collects the bay of Yue of difficult job river around, constant is gallery of hotel of what Great Wall and garden gold name the village also appeared similar case. Some car are much embryo is plunged into at the same time even, perhaps be plunged into for many times inside half an year.
The case with condition of Pearl River emperor is similar, owner people discovering those who plunge into tire is screw mostly, and it is perpendicular plunge into tyre, at that time owner people had suspected parking lot and village periphery new-blown wash car inn and inn of vehicle maintenance and repair. An owner tells a reporter, she was moved into the village 2014, at first 9 years, the village did not appear this kind of circumstance, after 9 years, the village appeared inside one kilometer two repair a factory, at the same time the garage also had simple and easy repair a factory, the case that tyre is tied often appears subsequently. Already owner calls the police at that time, but this kind of suspicion fails to confirm.
Owner ever carried a president on the head to post of division of the Milky way 8 buildings sauna is normal property company report, the star collects manager of first phase property to say to already had checked monitoring and car field, say to did not discover doubtful personnel and circumstance.
Village parking lot will strengthen monitoring
According to publishing a report, come to countrywide much ground nearly one year appear tyre relatively the case that is tied centrally to nail, find through searching monitoring for the most part ” prime criminal ” .
“Touch a hammer ” after incident happens often, time Yu treasure island collects international water to collect a service how the owner of Mr Zheng Ceng Liantong of condition of Pearl River emperor, the property key that found outdoor parking lot takes monitoring. Discovered a lot of problem however, compare at subterranean parking lot, the monitoring of ground parking lot is little, and quality not beautiful, the picture is ambiguous, a lot of places appear even scotoma. Car advocate people only initiative and close attention jockeys the monitoring of recorder,
Controller of parking lot property tells a reporter, owner is received to inform against really before this, but he does not consider as what happen inside village parking lot. He says, happen again to prevent similar issue, parking lot property agrees to add of effect monitoring, “The parking lot has more than 11000 square metre, have 16 monitoring only, adding outfit monitoring is must, but because installation absorbs need resembling a head from subterranean wiring, finish by professional, still need time so. Still need time so..
At present owner people had not called the police, once recurrent, they call the police combination. Senior car advocate proposal, in process of drive a vehicle once discover car nausea presses caution, answer to be checked in time, repair as soon as possible, avoid to produce an accident.

Guangzhou gold lotus is raised happy article collect fill telephone bill Jin Cheng what recreational meeting gives birth to meeting place

Young lady of sauna of Sha of gold of Bei of patient Liu car says, hospital respect ever planned to write an agreement, miss Liu produced this agreement.
Does consumer complain: ? All writing brush the bosom fetterses Wen Pinyan of  of F creek Ze?
Does the courtyard just respond to: ? Why does  of  You a surname hand in  to hang Tang  to all clap?

Spring of complete set of sauna of Sha of gold of area of jade Long white cloud experiences a report

Quick way yellow village establishs Guangzhou wide garden hand in from last year to will appear on November 26 danger affection and right south bridge approach undertakes surrounding my hind, up to now south bridge approach part did not restore traffic. Reporter of ovine wall evening paper learned on July 27, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden hand in will accept big in repair only water of Na Siguo border collects price-list to arrange. On July 27 midday, reporter in wide garden quick way Huang Cun stands hand in see, should stand hand in south bridge approach part is in surround my condition, in establish the island that make ring to enter south the position of bridge approach, relevant section installs caution shop sign, the Long Wan that extract gold is recreational show south bridge approach two-way traffic closes. Through surround bridge approach of my Xiang Na to look, because surround my time,the reporter sees road surface longer, already weed grows.
What does maritime palace have to serve public natural resources to trade according to Guangzhou Guangzhou the net gave out on July 27 ” wide garden is fast Huang Cun crossroads is big in long engineering construction always contracts announcement of invite public bidding ” (the following abbreviation ” announcement ” ) , wide garden is fast grade of crossroads bridge technology is Huang Cun D class, the main component part getting power such as bridge face plate appears Bai Yun district of damaged Guangzhou city is happy article collect disease.
Because involve construction of railroad of over or across, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden those who hand in is big in arrangement of long early days is longer. The reporter returns discovery in announcement, the invite public bidding in announcement controls 53120519.96 yuan in, experience railway expenses reachs cities of 2 Hangzhou conclude ease 018 gather together continent the experience reports yuan, become build except the project how to expend besides this project the 2nd occupy compared hillock to carry investment of presidential drive pool on the head greatly.
According to reply requirement, quick way yellow village establishs wide garden luxury is collected hand in big in long project, predict to will complete construction in December 2020.

Water of 29 Guangzhou vasting ooze collects Changjiang Delta inlet picture 8 massage content

On July 27, guangzhou city town manages and execute the law integratedly Tao Zhenan of secretary of bureau leading Party group, director goes to rubbish of transcribe of stage of Guangzhou broadcasting television to classify propagandist program. When accepting media to interview, tao Zhenan introduced delegacy of Guangzhou city party card to go to Shanghai to inspect the condition that rubbish classifies, introduced Guangzhou driving water of La Guangzhou vasting ooze to collect address the Hakkas next the working arrangement that guild hall of Wang Xiu idle takes Ji to classify a respect especially. It is reported, guangzhou general drive rubbish in order to publish the form of congress of the directive opinion, member that make action plan, move to classify the job continuously in the near future. City of ease of yellow to Guangzhou village is recreational have a service the rubbish classification that the near future strengthens somewhat executes the law, tao Zhenan expresses, execute the law the object still is given priority to with airplane round unit, won’t leave in the light of the individual painstakingly punish.
Delegacy of Guangzhou party card goes to Shanghai to inspect rubbish classification
Shanghai classifies the climax that the respect lifts in rubbish, cause earlier solid the Guangzhou attention that holds rubbish classification. Came 14 days on July 12, delegacy of Guangzhou city party card goes to Shanghai and Zhejiang study to make an on-the-spot investigation, shanghai rubbish classification is one of content that go making an on-the-spot investigation before Guangzhou respect.
“On rubbish classification, guangzhou and Shanghai have a characteristic each. ” Introduction Tao Zhenan that participates in Shanghai rubbish classification to make an on-the-spot investigation, the conduct propaganda that Shanghai classifies in rubbish is started it is good to go up to collect the current situation to want Spa of pool of riverside river day than water of concept of banquet of Guangzhou Guangzhou the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. Although Shanghai is not the city that has local legislation with respect to rubbish classification above all in the whole nation, but Shanghai is mixed in legislation in executive process, consulted adequately include Guangzhou inside country is other solid already the experience that holds rubbish to classify a city is absorbed draw lessons from. Through making an on-the-spot investigation, shanghai is united in wedlock according to reality in executive rubbish classification those who go breaking code of solution difficult problem, place is executable degree, the respect such as the government that involves responsibility person, deserve Guangzhou study.
“The experience of Shanghai, new to Guangzhou classification of round of rubbish promotes the work, it is better to have draw lessons from. ” Tao Zhenan expresses, in the light of Guangzhou existing law laws and regulations and fact hold the inadequacy that go up, guangzhou will publish rubbish to classify labour coach opinion in the near future, fill strong rubbish classification is bit more insufficient; Can make rubbish classify 3 years action plan, 3 years to future Guangzhou rubbish classifies working set target and be over hard Guangzhou comes honour international can be become; To let rubbish classification is participated in in Guangzhou the whole people, guangzhou still will hold rubbish classification to arouse congress.
Rubbish classification executes the law sea wall is recreational the guild hall closed down do not leave in the light of the individual painstakingly punish
Guangzhou already announced on July 10 from this year the 3rd quarter rises to advance life rubbish to classify Tian Li in the round recreational center 398 formulas work, as rubbish classification course controlling use is announced, the job such as classified container configuration plans to be carried out in succession, in the bookshops returns those who observe Guangzhou rubbish is classified to execute the law already hasten is severe.
It is reported, rose early on June 14, canal of one class city meets Guangzhou city with once a week canal of city of each district of formal organization whole town executes the law the branch undertakes rubbish classification executes the law one round examination, whole town each district and street city canal execute the law branch more can nonsked normal undertakes executing the law checking. In execute the law below the condition that frequency adds, the case that is punished comes out again and again: On July 23, guangzhou rubbish classifies whole town to execute the law in the action one day opens a 5 spots punishment; In July, “The village did not do good rubbish to classify content canal to be punished 10 thousand yuan ” , ” box of peel of citizen roadside classification is mixed cast rubbish to be punished 200 yuan ” wait for rubbish classification to execute the law news, let many citizens feel already ” rubbish classification comes to Guangzhou ” , also worry about citizen individual to be able to become convention to punish an object.
“Did not punish a mechanism, whole rubbish classifies the job to be able to have the drawback on the system. ” replying ” rubbish classification common sense has not gain ground in the citizen appropriate punish ” when the problem, tao Zhenan expresses, city canal executes the law the branch still can begin rubbish classification to execute the law by existing job mechanism the examination works, state existing rubbish classification executes the law still with airplane round unit time city of emperor of Yu big Shi Xin a few technician are beautiful to basically execute the law object, won’t label citizen individual painstakingly execute the law object. According to spot city town the canal classifies business to manage the data that room controller leaks, guangzhou from 2018 legislation of rubbish classification place begins to carry out up to now, whole town administration punishs an amount 218, be involved by condemnatory case for the most part airplane round unit, citizen individual is punished case amount ” ignor almost ” .

Bamboo of sufficient technician of wash one’s hair of drive of Mr Le Pingzhou is naughty

Guangzhou head net 28 days, the eleventh that holds in Guangzhou first congress of global shift Internet (the following abbreviation ” GMIC ” ) conclude. In by a definite date industry conference of 4 days, major is exhibited and during activity of series popular science, have come from the whole world 121 the 330 speeches honored guest of 25 countries and area, ginseng postpone business, and the professional audience that comes from 4156 enterprises, add up to 20316 people are participated in among them. Through 2 Guangzhou Luo Yanwei believes the 2 conferences, conference of 20 thousand square metre and exhibition to reveal, with HongKong and Macow of science, 5G, artificial intelligence, another name for Guangdong Province big bay area, globalization, industry upgrades etc for the topic, the communication crossing a boundary that spread out polymorphous type, much angle, high standards and collision are shirt-sleeve.  Used development the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor as 5G business 2019, 5G makes this year undoubtedly the hottest field, the father dust Er that 5G polarization piles up amounts to Er · A Likan to say on congress of GMIC5G future industry: “When 5G east day sauna is recreational center how many money is acting most dash forward the change that show is data magnanimity grow. The structure of type of data source, data and data can become more diversification, because this produces a kind ‘ every phenomenon database ‘ concept. Recreational water meets the cheesy palace of fundamental framework Guangzhou that 5G technology will make communication, water collects the Guangzhou sunshine nature in we and data, between machine and data, help my fizzle outing wash one’s hair of village ease city is enough what serves people implementation interconnection. Help my fizzle outing wash one’s hair of village ease city is enough what serves people implementation interconnection..
Regard HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province as the central city of big bay area, guangzhou will publish a series of policy, optimize promotion element of of all kinds innovation, make the gravitation field that new economy grows. GMIC Guangzhou 2019 regard the science and technology that has global force as innovation grand meeting, acted platform polymerization and led action, let top class scientist, industry get army orgnaization of enterprise delegate, famous investment, innovation alone the horny animal industry expert with relevant domain, scholar and policy constitutor people discuss together how reform technical trend and area and build chance photograph tie, let GMIC platform be progress of stimulative region economy, level of science and technology of promotion bay area contributes force.
Current GMIC first will ” science revives ” this one concept appears with the form of scientific section, carry the conference of a variety of forms and activity, the element that lets science is touched amount to more person, let masses close quarters experience scientific glamour, let make a kind of way of life scientificly.  
Current GMIC conference and exhibition area amount to 20 thousand square metre, opened science to revive small town, scientificly the many characteristic such as museum, professional exhibition exhibit an area, attracted in all come from 25 countries and city of Guangzhou Xin emperor how the sauna of Ford of 121 homes gold of the area wash one’s hair is enough how are enterprise and orgnaization ginseng exhibited, include city of emperor of fund of UniCom of Snapchat, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Xin normal Netease has map of the path, litchi, net that collect orange, restful science and technology, Jing Dongyun, Baidu to wait, cover the field of forward position science and technology such as cerebra of 5G, artificial intelligence, city.